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If you've had both versions of our Beginning then you are ready for Lindy 2! If you've had only had one version of Beginning, then join the next Beginning class for different material!

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I feel fortunate that I get a majority of new people in classes thanks to word-of-mouth I get from so many dancers in the community and current students such as yourself. So I've decided that instead of spending money on more advertising I would rather show my appreciation for that otherwise free promotion with a 'Tell-A-Friend Discount' program.

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Swing Dancers - Jazz Dancers

Curious about private lessons? For a few weeks we are offering special half-hour time slots, at reduced price. You can sign-up for one-on-one private lessons, or sign up for small group semi-private lessons with two teachers. More details at Private Lesson Booking.


Class Review Video

Having taught the Beginning class together many times, Leah & Chris have made some class review videos to help you remember what we covered. These are still a work in progress, but I figured I'd share what we have now to help you out with the class material.

HepCat Weekly Swing Dance!

  • You are on the guest list while enrolled in class!
  • Every Thursday, 9:00pm - Midnight
  • For the schedule of DJs & Live Music, and other dance details check out - Swing Dance Info