What's Covered in our Lindy 2 Classes?

Only one of the four versions of Lindy 2 is offered during each five week class session. You can start with any Lindy 2 version and if you miss one class session you can still join in later sessions. After taking all four versions you may want to repeat a few of them to get a deeper understanding. If you don't want to continue repeating Lindy 2 while you wait for a specific Lindy 2 subject we recommend you schedule a Lindy 2 Summary Lesson, which is a private lesson focused on the skills and material from Lindy 2.

Lindy 2A: Classics & Stretch!

Scheduled to start in February 2016 & in July 2016

Lindy 2B: Charleston & Transitions!

  Scheduled to start in March 2016 & in August/September 2016

  • Lead's Promenade
  • Power Forward Swingout (From Closed & Open)
  • Stomp-Off Transition
  • Around the World [AKA Shoulder-turn] (8-count)
  • Frankie Points (after Around the World)
  • Follow's Promenade
  • Groucho with Peckin'
  • 6-count Leads Turn
  • 6-count Right-to-Right Inside Turn
  • Mini-Dip [sometimes covered]
  • Follow's Twist-Arounds
  • Pass-by vs. Swingout Exercise
  • Follows Drop to Power Twists
  • Relaxed & Dynamic Rubber-Band Connection
  • Follows learning how to get far away & travel easily
  • Bizarre Charleston, w/ transitions between normal position
  • Face-to-Face Charleston
  • Transition from Side-by-Side to Face-to-Face
  • Lindy Circle: both 6-count & 8-count version
  • Transition in closed: 6-count & Charleston moves
  • Transition in open: 8-count & 6-count moves
  • Connection: Loose Flowing Arms vs. Push means Go
  • Transition Face-to-Face Charleston & 6-count
  • Charleston Stall (in side-by-side position)
  • Stall in Face-to-Face Charleston
  • Rock-Step Connection: difference between round & straight back
  • Treading Water
  • 6-count Leads Pass
  • 6-count American Turn (Tuck-Turn in Open)
  • 6-count Two-Handed Passing Tuck-Turn [sometimes covered]
Lindy 2C: Turns & Swingouts!

  Scheduled to start in April/May 2016 & in Sept/October 2016

Lindy 2D: Tandem & Kickin' It

Scheduled to start in June 2016 & in November 2016

  • 6-count: Leads Turn vs. Inside Turn
  • Follow's Option: Wrap & Unwind on Inside turn
  • She-Goes-He-Goes Turn (6-count)
  • Follows Technique: Wrap into Arm & Unwind
  • Pull-By (6-count)
  • Follows 1-2: knowing when to step in place vs. Rock-Step
  • How Follows can create opportunity to do twists on 1-2
  • Late Inside Turn (8-count)
  • Late Leads Turn (8-count)
  • Late Outside Free Turn (8-count)
  • Late Outside Turn w/ Hand (8-count)
  • Fix or Deal w/ Upside Down Hands: Plan A, B, & C
  • Follows Twists-In-Place vs. Travel In
  • Swingout w/ Follows going out Forward
  • Swingout w/ Follows going out Backwards
  • Lindy Whip w/ Follow's Warp-Up
  • "Front-to-Back" AKA Tandem Charleston
  • 4-count in & 4-count exit for Tandem
  • Push-Out in Tandem
  • Follows Turn in Tandem
  • Turn in Tandem - both Leads & Follows
  • Connection: Loose Flowing Arms vs. Push means Go
  • Connection: moving around in closed 6-count
  • 6-count Tuck-Turn
  • 6-count Lindy Circle
  • 6ct Routine: Closed Basic, Tuck-Turn, Inside Turn, Circle
  • Jig Walks
  • Knowing when and how to do kicks in various 6-count moves
  • S-Turn (10-count) into Tandem
  • Fast dancing more easily
  • Making it look energetic without feeling worn out

You'll learn the connection techniques and general concepts related to these moves. Follows will learn the skills to react and how to follow through with their momentum and footwork. Leads will learn how to clearly initiate and transition between the various material. Beyond this, we'll also help you integrate into the social dance scene. We'll address a number of concerns and ways to keep it flowing and help you have more fun on the dance floor!

All higher level classes will depend on you being familiar with these moves and concepts in order to build on them further. You can start with either one and take them in any order. If you are new or have only a little experience with lindy hop (the original style of swing dancing) then you can get a clear foundation if you sign-up and join our Beginning class. If you are still unsure we are more than happy to help you figure it out - so please contact us!