What's Covered in Beginning Swing Dance - Lindy Hop Classes?

The basic material is covered in our two versions of our Beginning class which you'll get by taking the class series twice in a row (you can start with either version). These are the essential 8-count, 6-count, and Charleston moves that are the building blocks of Lindy Hop - Swing Dancing.

Beginning A (8-count basics) Beginning B (Charleston & 6-count)
  • Swingout from closed
  • Swingout from Open (aka 8-count Lindy Basic)
  • Lindy Circle from Open
  • Lindy Circle from Closed
  • Adjusting for different rotations in 8-count basics
  • Pass-by (8-count version)
  • Jockey (side-by-side) Charleston
  • 8-count basics as single-time and with triple-steps
  • Continuous Twists-in-Place
  • Follows Twist/Swivels in the 8-count basics
  • Adjusting for Faster & Slower songs (140 - 240bpm)
  • Jockey (side-by-side) Charleston
  • Kick-Thru Charleston
  • Hand-to-Hand Charleston
  • Charleston as all kicks vs. having a rock-step
  • Charleston Break
  • Transitions between Open and Jockey (Closed) Position
  • 6-count Basic in Open
  • Inside Turn
  • Leads Turn
  • Pass-By (6-count version)
  • 6-count basics as single-time and with triple-steps

Beyond the moves listed our Beginning Swing - Lindy Hop classes gives you a strong foundation in the movement technique and the essential concepts of how you communicate and connect with your dance partner. Class is designed to give plenty of rich information for fast learners as well as make it easy for everyone to get the essential material. We make it fun & informative for everyone!

All higher level classes will depend on you being familiar with these moves and concepts in order to build on them further. You can start with either one and take them in any order. If you are new or have only a little experience with lindy hop (the original style of swing dancing) then you can get a clear foundation if you sign-up and join our Beginning class. If you are still unsure we are more than happy to help you figure it out - so please contact us!