New to Lindy Hop or Swing Dancing? Start Here!

Beginning Swing - Lindy Hop

  • Partner NOT Required!
  • No Experience Needed!

Taught by Chris & Claire.
Learn this fun dance and make new friends in this welcoming social activity. A dance partner is not needed as you'll be able to dance with a variety of others in the class. Whether you have two left feet, no dance experience, or if Lindy Hop (swing dancing) is something you'd like to add to your repertoire -- this is the class for you! As the original swing dance, Lindy Hop has it all -- from exciting and flashy to smooth and cool. Come join us in this fun & versatile dance and we'll get you dancing before you know it! Sign-Up Now!

5 weeks of classes for $60 at first class or $55 if Paid in Advance
FREE admission to HepCat Swing Dance with class (a $25 - $33 value)!

What is covered in our beginning class?

Lindy Hop (Swing Dance) has 8-count moves, 6-count moves, Charleston moves, and a variety of other elements. You can just sign-up to join the class and we'll explain the basic moves and technique in the progression of the 5 weeks of class. If you are unsure if your experience is above this level then click this link for a more details of our Beginning class material.

After Beginning, What Now?

After taking both versions of our Beginning class, or if you are already familiar with our Beginning class material., you'll want to check out our Lindy 2 classes. There are four independent versions of Lindy 2, with each 5-week series covering different material and addressing different challenges. You can start with any of them, and the next one offered is listed below.

Lindy 2: Charleston & Transitions!

Learn further details, transitions, & more material!

Pre-requisite: All of our Beginning class material.

sept Taught by Chris & Claire.
You will get new moves & technique, work on transitions, and get a deeper understanding of your basic material. There is a wide range of moves, styling options, and technique that are used in Lindy Hop. Moving beyond basics, this class will cover what every lindy hopper should know. This class is meant to be taken after you have completed both versions of our Beginning class, or if you have learned the same material elsewhere. If you have been dancing less than a year or two, this is probably the class you want. As usual, a partner is not required. Sign-Up Now!

5 weeks of classes for $60 at first class or $55 if Paid in Advance.
FREE admission to HepCat Swing Dance with class (a $25 - $33 value)!


How long do you take this level?

There are four versions of Lindy 2, which you will get if you take it four times in a row. Most people enjoy repeating the Lindy 2 classes to get a deeper understanding of the material. Going out social dancing significantly helps you integrate and retain more of the class material & concepts. So those dancers who go out more will likely feel comfortable with fewer repeats of Lindy 2 classes. You can also take a private lesson to get extended invidual focus working on what you personally need, and to work on any of the material & skills you may have missed or forgotten. After feeling comfortable with the material of the four versions of Lindy 2 you should check out "Lindy 3" and the other "Taking It Further" classes listed below.

Taking It Further!

Maybe you've been dancing for some time now, or you've completed and are comfortable with all of lindy 2 material, but of course there is so much more you can do with this great dance! If you're unsure these are right for you then feel free to talk with us to figure it out.

Lindy 3

Take your dancing to
a higher level!
Learn a variety of Techniques,
Moves, and Footwork & Styling
beyond Lindy 2 material.

Taught by Chris & TBA.
Moving beyond the common material we'll explore a wide range of possible Lindy techniques and when to apply them. You'll learn cool new moves, footwork & styling, and some of the subtle details and skills to become a more advanced dancer. Lindy 3 is for those already comfortable with a lot of material & have significant social dance experience. Push the envelope of your dancing to discover more ways to have fun with this great dance! Each Lindy 3 class series covers different material, so you can expect it to be an interesting and helpful class for many sessions! As usual, a partner is not required. Sign-Up Now!

5 weeks of classes for $60 at first class or $55 if Paid in Advance.
FREE admission to HepCat Swing Dance with class (a $25 - $33 value)! You will get $10 off your total if you also take the special focus class series listed above!

20s Partner Charleston!

1920's technique & style!
Learn some roots
of Lindy Hop!

  • Tuesdays, 9:00 - 10:00pm
  • Starts October 6th, 2015
  • 5-week class series
  • at the Russian Center

Taught by: Chris & TBA
In the 1920's, before there was the "Lindy Hop", Charleston was all the rage! Though many elements of Lindy Hop developed from the 20s Partner Charleston, it all started with a very different look and technique from what we take for granted in the Lindy today. By knowing what came before, you'll get a deeper understanding of your Lindy Hop. First this class will focus on that 20s style dance, giving you a variety of partner moves and styling variations from the era. We'll work on that unique connection and movement of the 20s Partner Charleston that make it a fun dance of its own! Then we'll cover how the dance progressed from the 20s style, to incorporating the breakaway, and further developments that opened up the style and technique to become the "Swingout" or basic of the Lindy Hop. Whether you want to dance a strictly 20s Partner Charleston dance, or incorporate the early Charleston and Lindy styles in your dancing, or just have a better range of connection and movement skills, this will be a fun class you don't want to miss
Sign-Up Now!

5 weeks of classes for $60 at first class or $55 if Paid in Advance. You will get $10 off and FREE admission to the HepCat Dance if you also take the Lindy 3 class series!

Private Lessons

Get Personal Feedback!
Partner Not Required!

Taught by: Chris
This is a great way to get insights that go beyond what is covered in classes, with personal feedback tailored to your specific needs and interests. You can work on improving the skills and material you know, or you can get new moves and insights focusing on what you want to work on!

Half-hour and full hour options available. Tuesday and Thursday times are at the Russian Center. Other times are at the North Beacon Hill location (exact address and directions will be sent on lesson confirmation or upon request). Price depends on lesson duration and if the lesson is for just you, or for you and a partner (optional). Find more details or check for available times here.


How high of a level are these classes?

Lindy 3: You can expect Lindy 3 to have useful insights and material if you have been dancing 2 - 4 years. If you have been dancing less than a year we encourage you to check out our Lindy 2 class, or check with us to see if this will be a useful class for you. We find that dancers who do more social dancing get more of the material & skills, retaining it better and more quickly discovering the inter-connected concepts learned from many different class sessions. Some students are quicker or slower learners, and some dancers are able to dedicate much more time to social dancing or attending weekend workshops and events than others - and that is okay! Those who spend more focused time will of course move beyond this level quicker than those who do not. So how long you can expect this to be a useful class will vary greatly from person to person, but we certainly are happy to talk with you to see if this is still the right level for you or how you can get the most out of class.

Special Topic Classes: While there may be rare exceptions (which we'll try to label clearly), you can expect the ever changing Special Topic Classes to be higher level than the general Lindy 3 classes with some skill level overlap. This means that if you you've already moved beyond the Lindy 3 class level you can continue to expect challenges and intersting material at your level as a dancer from the Special Topic Classes. It also means that even if you are brand new to the Lindy 3 class you can gain some additional skills, material, and insights by taking both the Lindy 3 and the Special Focus class series at the same time - while getting the multi-class discount.

"Advanced" or "Master" Classes: We have a ridiculously high standard for anything we would call a "Master Class", or even an "Advanced Class". Rest assured, if you've been dancing less than 20 years (at 4-7 nights a week) than you should expect that any high level class we offer will have some challenging concepts and material. Of course if you really want a challenge and be certain that you get to focus on what you want and need, we recommend you take a private lesson.